Incanto Incentive interprets and responds to every single request.

We do not rely on pre-packaged catalogs. Instead, we study and implement every event after a careful analysis of the fixed objectives, making the most of the planned budget in order to create personalized and unique moments tailored for you.

Exotic trips, destinations of enchanting beauty, refined and exclusive locations to frame your most important moments.

With more than 20 years experience in the sector and holding a tour operator licence, we have the ability and the right network to find the best possible conditions for your needs.

The incentive voyage as a motivation tool.  We believe in the educational value of travelling, because a person coming back home is never the same as the one who left. The link that is created between the ones who shared the experience is valuable to us. Unforgettable memories are created, due to a new bond between the participants and the company.

Thanks to Incanto Incentive, investing in a trip becomes investing in happiness. Because beautiful things shouldn’t only be seen, but also lived.